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12" Biosock Eco Wattle™


The 12" nominal diameter Biosock Eco Wattle™ is the first biodegradable compost filter sock which has an engineered functional longevity that is designed to replace the Straw Wattle. The Biosock Eco Wattle™ has been engineered to maintain 100% of its strenght for the first six months after installation, after which time a "trigger" starts the degradation process. Factors that encourage degradation include: changes in temperature, moisture, soil respiration, and sunlight. The Biosock Eco Wattle™ does not require trenching and can be installed on almost any terrain, including hard surfaces that have roots and rocks. The Biosock Eco Wattle™ can be installed and left to naturally biodegrade.


Perimeter Protection, Slope Interruption Devices.

Techical specifications

ConstructionFlat Tape Tubular Knit
Chemical ReactionExcellent Resistance To Concentrated Acids and Alkalis
PropertiesFiber MaterialHDPE
Filament CountTape
Melting Point273 Fahrenheit
UV ProtectionYes, 6 Month Trigger
Approx. Life Expectancy*15-36 Months
Specific Gravity.94
Strenght PropertiesStatic Puncture ASTM D6241460 N


Biosock Eco Wattle™ compost filter socks represent Best Available Technology (BAT) standards as set forth under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) guidelines. Compost filter socks are an effective replacement for the BMPs such as slit fence as determined by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research which reflects; (1) their ability to provide three-dimensional filtration of stormwater runoff, (2) their ability to facilitate bio-remediation of stormwater which can effectively remove petroleum products, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nutrients, bacteria, and other pollutants, and (3) their economically achievable installation costs (EPA research has demonstrated that compost filter socks installations typically cost less over the life of a construction project that traditional BMP installations).

Partners & Collaborations


Biosocks Hawaii are made of 9" diameter polypropylene mesh, which is knit in the USA. Prefilled Biosockshawaii are filled with a special high quality Compost GrowingMedia™, or you may wish to purchase unfilled mesh and fill it with your own compost or a favorite planting mix.



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