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Biosockshawaii™ was founded on the premise that solving age-old problems with innovative and bio-remedial solutions is good for both business and the earth.  We have built our technology from the ground up through rigorous testing at our 35 acre independent research facility located in the mountains of Hawaii.

Our company’s actions resonate our passion for excellence and our team’s vast experience in the field of Erosion & Sediment control. Our products have the ability to provide superior performance, while at the same time lowering installation costs and reducing maintenance requirements.

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Biosocks Hawaii are made of 9" diameter polypropylene mesh, which is knit in the USA. Prefilled Biosockshawaii are filled with a special high quality Compost GrowingMedia™, or you may wish to purchase unfilled mesh and fill it with your own compost or a favorite planting mix.



  • 41-532 Waikupanaha Street,
       Waimanalo Hawaii 96795
  • Phone: 808-259-9888
  • Fax: 808-888-6823
  • Email: melba@biosockshawaii.com
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