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While soil erosion has taken place since the beginning of time, modernization and commercial land development has placed new levels of strain on our earth’s natural resources.

The purpose of Biosockshawaii™ is straight forward, to protect our world’s fragile ecosystem from the potentially damaging effects of development and construction.  By making bio-engineered solutions readily available, we can help preserve our delicate environment for our future generations. 

Partners & Collaborations


Biosocks Hawaii are made of 9" diameter polypropylene mesh, which is knit in the USA. Prefilled Biosockshawaii are filled with a special high quality Compost GrowingMedia™, or you may wish to purchase unfilled mesh and fill it with your own compost or a favorite planting mix.



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       Waimanalo Hawaii 96795
  • Phone: 808-259-9888
  • Fax: 808-888-6823
  • Email: melba@biosockshawaii.com
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